guitar. voice. songwriting. soul.
create your own package
choose focus
 choose length
choose frequency
1. guitar lessons
2. voice lessons
3. songwriting sessions
4. fusion (any combination)
1. one hour  ($75)
2. one and a half hours  ($100)
3. two hours  ($125)
4. three hours  ($200)
1. every other week
2. every week
3. twice a week
4. thrice a week
payments are made the first week of every month.  
the monthly cost of your customized package can be determined by multiplying your length by your frequency.  (i.e.  Length- 1 hour ($75)  Frequency- once a week.  4 weeks- the monthly payment would be $75x4= $300)
(includes 4 sessions-
$50 savings)
one and a half hours
every week
i love this package because one hour always feels too short, so having that extra 30 minutes makes room for magical moments that can only happen deep into a groove with adequate time to warm up.  i also love exploring the voice and the guitar separately, then putting them together and creating something original or working off ideas the artist brings.